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Giclee Print from oil paintings, any size, example: 16x20 $150 unframed, $300 framed (on request). Remarque on request. Canvas or giclee paper. Limited editions. Hand signed note cards available (5x7).
16" x 20"
Category: Limited Editions
Media: Giclee,Giclee Canvas,Giclee Hand Embelished,Giclee Paper
Edition Size: Contact Artist
Framed: None
Availability: Contact Artist

Price: US$ 150
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Beneath The Coral Sea
Beneath The Sargasso Sea
Beneath The Irish Sea
The Knitting Circle
The Attic Trunk
Happy Hour
Girlfriends Ride the Carousel
Girlfriend Makeover
Five Sisters
Blue Ribbons
The Woman with the Blue Fan
The Poet
Maybe, Maybe Not
An Apron Full of Kittens
Moon Blossoms
Girls Night Out
The Garden Club
The Book Club
Saturday Night Moon
Red Cello
Night Blossoms
Ladies in Long Dresses and a Cat
Bluebirds Nest in Victoria's Hat
Taming Her Wild Garden
White Birds Leave the Nest
Saturday Night Moon
Poulet in Pink Boa and Frango Do the Tango
Moulin Rouge
Lilies Under a Starry Sky
Ladybug Ladybug Ladybug
Happy Hour
Girls Night Out
Gathering Pumpkins
Colonial Pearls
Colonial Peach
Cherry Soda
Can Can
The Conversation
Spring Nectar
She is a Garden
Garden Blue Nude
Pears Among Friends
The Same Old Story
Playing the Blues
The Hokey Pokey with a Blue-Footed Boobie
A Walk of the Wild Side
Pelican Salsa
Parrots Discover a Red Hat
Jungle Babies
Harmony of Strings
Banana Split
She Dreams
Bathing in the Morning Dew
To Be Like You
The Storyteller
The Golden Touch
Thank God It's Friday
Summer Blossoms
Street Singer
Spring Nectar
Spring Fling
She is a Garden
Raspberries and Blackberries
Poulet Frango Barn Dance
Poulet Frango Dance Tango
Pink Tango
Pears Among Friends
Morning Shampoo
Mi Tierra
Maria Sleeping
Housewives Doing the Laundry
Celestial Duet
Birth of Pattern
A Fine Day